About Us

We are Lakay Coffee, a small business based out of Dallas, Texas, that delivers Haitian coffee to customers like you. We house 100% organic coffee cultivated through sustainable farming.

In Haitian Creole, Lakay means home. We believe a perfect day begins with a cup of coffee in the comfort of your home.

The history of Haiti and the cultivation of coffee is profound. With mountainous terrain and tropical climate, Haiti is a paradise for cultivating naturally shade-grown coffee known for its rich and bold profile. Once one of the world’s leading suppliers, the coffee industry of Haiti has faced significant headwinds over the past decades. Despite these setbacks, the will of farmers to cultivate the land has never faltered.

To this end, the Royal Palm, the national tree of Haiti, has been chosen as the logo of Lakay Coffee to symbolize the resilience of Haiti's local and community farmers, standing as firm as the Royal Palm, which bends with the wind but does not break. 

Lakay Coffee aspires to be the bridge between our customers and Haiti's local and community farmers. Every purchase made with us directly enriches Haiti’s farmers' lives and supports the nation’s agricultural infrastructure.

We thank you for your support!



Boaz Douyon & Wy Sims