Haitian Coffee, The Best of All Worlds

Haitian Coffee, The Best of All Worlds

Haitian coffee has a taste profile that offers the best of all worlds. Like Columbian coffee, it is medium-bodied. Its low acidy profile is comparable to Brazilian coffee. Haitian coffee also has a pleasant and sweet taste, like Ethiopian coffee. Lastly, Haitian coffee has a rich flavor, making it ideal for espresso-based drinks. So if you are just looking for a well-balanced brew or an aficionado searching for the perfect beans for your next espresso, Haitian coffee offers the best of all worlds. 

Haitian Coffee

Haitian coffee is rich-flavored with a medium body and a relatively low acidity. Haitian coffee has a mellow (pleasant, smooth, and rich) taste and natural sweetness.

 Columbian Coffee

The flavor of Colombian coffee is mild and well-balanced. Columbian coffee is medium-bodied, mellow in acidity, and has caramel-like sweetness.

 Brazilian Coffee

 Brazilian coffee is smooth, full-bodied, and tends to have low acidity. It also has a range of chocolatey, nutty flavors.

Ethiopian Coffee

Ethiopian coffee is medium to high in acidity and light to medium-bodied. Ethiopian coffee has a flowery taste with hints of wine and a slight berry aftertaste.

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