5 Reasons to Try Haitian Coffee

5 Reasons to Try Haitian Coffee

Are you a coffee drinker? Have you ever tried various variants and origins of coffee? Today, I will share five reasons to try Haitian coffee. I promise you won't be disappointed!

Reason #1 Environmental Quality

Haitian coffee is naturally of excellent quality because of ideal environmental conditions such as optimal tropical temperatures, nutrient-rich soil, and high cultivation altitudes.

Reason #2 Organic and Pure

Coffee production in Haiti is mostly organic. Farmers use little or no fertilizer in their cultivation. This produces a natural coffee with little to no adverse health effects.

Reason #3 Additive Free

Haitian coffee contains no additives when consumed in its natural and pure state. It provides the optimal energy boost without the stereotypical adverse side effects of energy drinks.  

Reason #4 Fragrance and Aroma

When brewing Haitian coffee, its fragrance fills the room. It connects you with the scent of the island and its mountains. The smell is welcoming and inviting to anyone in your home.

Reason #5 Rich Taste

Haitian coffee is known for its mellow taste and natural sweetness. It is also low in acidity and offers a smooth sip. Its rich taste profile makes it ideal for espresso-based drinks.

Note: Haitian coffee is typically a medium black or dark roast.

If you haven't tried Haitian coffee, wait any longer. It is an experience worth having.  

Written by: Sarah Marlange Zephyr

*Photo credits: Flash Haiti

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